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Monthly Free Raffle

Monthly Free Raffle


Win NY VIPN Monthly/Weekly lines combined with 50-100 Pre-made, Top City Premium PVA's !

Limited to 30 spots and all must be filled to complete the contest. If all spots aren't filled, it carries over to the next month. A minimum of 30 tickets must be sold, purchasing will be closed if 30 or more  tickets have been purchased on the 1st day of each month. Each ticket will cost $20. Orders over $500 get 1 free ticket with purchase. Ticket numbers will be delivered via Skype or the email on the order if no Skype is provided.

02/26/2017 UPDATE:

We have decided to raise the stakes!
1st/2nd/3rd place raffle drawings/winners.
Almost $2000 valued giveaway!

1st Prize:
- 2 monthly VIPN lines
- 100 TOP PVAs
- 100 smspins credit ($1000+ value!)

2nd Prize:
- 1 monthly VIPN line
- 50 top PVAs
- 50 smspins credit ($500+ value!)

3rd Prize:
- 1 Weekly vipn line
- 25 top PVAs
- 25 smspins credit ($250+ value!)